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KANINCHEN-HAUS  with the support of Fondazione Cariplo invites young curators, critics, and theorists from different disciplines to submit contributions for the publication of the Pirate-Camp READER, a volume on the theoretical issues related to the project “Pirate-Camp / the Stateless Pavillion” (www.pirate-camp.org) an itinerant artists campsite whose 1st edition took place during the last Venice Biennale.

The aim of the publication is to explore, develop and reconsider in a multidisciplinary way the key tropes underlying the pirate-camp project: piracy, extraterritoriality, statelessness, temporary occupation, the camp, understood as potent concept-tools to interpret contemporary artistic and cultural practices.

The deadline for submission of abstracts (max 800 words) is March 30th 2012. The authors of the selected contributions will be awarded 400 Euros.

For further informations please write to : papers@pirate-camp.org



Pirate-Camp http://pirate-camp.org  is the first itinerant artists’ camping program created to give free hospitality to a selection of young international artists during the most important contemporary art events worldwide. The first Pirate-Camp took place during the 54th Venice Biennale of Art violating the notorious ban on camping in the Laguna.

Pirate-Camp is promoted by the non-profit organization Kaninchenhaus with the support of  the Fondazione Cariplo and the patronage of the City of Turin and GAI (Association for the Circuit of the Young Italian Artists) and with the collaboration of the Department for Youth policies of the City of Venice and of Art Enclosures (Residencies for visiting international artists in Venice created and produced by Fondazione di Venezia). The project also involved a network of Italian artist-run spaces.

Following Coniglioviola’s “Pirate Attack to Venice Biennale” http://www.coniglioviola.com/en/attacco-pirata-biennale-venezia/ performed by the group in 2007,  Pirate-Camp represents the next step in this story. After the attack, time has come for the pirates to halt on the mainland: colonize the territory and share the treasures stored during their long trip, before taking the Sea route again. The Pirate-Camp – filling up the ideal gap between the sea, the pirates’ dominion, and the land, the system’s dominion –  is first and foremost a work of art itself. It is the metaphorical representation of the natural and necessary condition of being-an-artist. The analogy between the artist and the pirate/encamped is the pivot concept, both from a symbolic and a philosophical point of view: a status of extra-territoriality which grants the artist a privileged point of view to critically observe and depict the world.

Pirate-Camp responds to a need shared by many young artists: the great international art events, such as  biennials, fairs or exhibitions, force young people to invest often large amounts of money in travel and lodging. For this reason the creation of a totally free camping has allowed a set number of artists – selected by public competition – to live the experience of these events.

Pirate-Camp is an independent project designed by artists for artists. The Residencies we are used to, are generally organized by institutions, museums or private patrons, and seem to work on the unwitting assumption that, not just the work of art, but its creator as well, can be objectified and included in some sort of a private collection. On the other hand, the Pirate-Camp wants to be a living platform, and each and every participant becomes essential to its life. The Pirate-Camp wants to be a great platform supporting the exchange of new ideas and the mobility of young artists. Such a place wants to give life to a collaborative experiment of artistic creation and encourage the development of a collective and solid conscience, creating an international network able to experiment alternative and independent forms of intervention within the contemporary art system.

“The Stateless Pavillion” is the title and theme of the 1st Pirate-Camp: an invitation to focus on the theme of extraterritoriality seen as a natural and necessary condition for being-an-artist. A theme which finds it symbolical representation in the project’s two key-figures: the pirate and the encamped. The status of not-belonging-to-any-place (whether real, common, cultural or symbolical), living on the edge, on the one hand consigns the artist to a condition of marginality, on the other it grants him a privileged point of view in representing and discussing the world. The statelessness theme earns a special meaning when related to the context of La Biennale di Venezia, whose absolute peculiarity resides in the representation of national identities.


In this historical moment the concepts of belonging-to-place, the idea of having a permanent home in the world, are put radically into question. This is why the figure of the pirate and the camper become two key references: survival solutions that we all should consider for a different awareness and disposition towards the “system”. The project pirate-camp wanted to suggest an analogy between the “mythological” status of the pirate and the condition of practicing  art, in all its possible articulations. The pirate is not just an outlaw, but also an outsider from any legal right, because he does not live anywhere. This condition is the origin of both his power and his total marginalization. So much so that the pirates, unlike corsairs, if captured, were not treated according to the rules of maritime war law, but were summarily executed. Such status of radical extraterritoriality, the living out-of-places (both real or cultural) is intended also as the necessary condition of artistic practice: on one side, it establishes an impossible integration on the other it also guarantees a privileged point of view for the representation and the questioning of the world.

Based on these premises. we are looking for theoretical contributions that explore the  philosophical, political, social implications of such key concepts.


This call for papers is dedicated to young curators, critics, scholars and theorists.

Your submission should include an abstract (maximum 800 words) and a short cv. Texts has to be sent in English or English+Italian.

The deadline for submissions is March 30th 2012.

The authors of the selected abstracts will be invited to develop a final contribution of about 3000/5000 words within two weeks from confirmation.

The Pirate-Camp READER will be printed under a CreativeCommons License and made also available as e-book.


http://www.pirate-camp.org/call-4-papers-pirate-camp-reader/feed/ 4 http://www.pirate-camp.org/call-4-papers-pirate-camp-reader/
Pirate Camp crashes into Giardini! http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/piratecamp/~3/gnLgah4NJ6k/ http://www.pirate-camp.org/pirate-camp-crashes-into-giardini/#comments Thu, 02 Jun 2011 17:24:17 +0000 CONIGLIOVIOLA http://www.pirate-camp.org/?p=718 June 1st, Pirate Camp crashes into Giardini to receive the embrace of Police and Carabinieri.

Pirate Camp seems to be the first official event of Biennale to be at same time abusive!!!

see the pictures here:


http://www.pirate-camp.org/pirate-camp-crashes-into-giardini/feed/ 0 http://www.pirate-camp.org/pirate-camp-crashes-into-giardini/
important news about our location http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/piratecamp/~3/ig3gem_3fvc/ http://www.pirate-camp.org/important-news-about-our-location/#comments Tue, 31 May 2011 10:57:24 +0000 Brice Cornelio http://www.pirate-camp.org/?p=715 Differentlty from what we announced before, the Pirate denn will remain striclty secret.

The action of the pirates will be focused on constants and sudden invasions of the places devoted to the Biennale.

To follow our daily attacks just subscribe to the facebook event:



Diversamente da quanto preannunciato il covo dei pirati rimane rigorosamente segreto.

Da questo momento in poi l’azione dei pirati si concentrerà in continue e non annunciate invasioni nei luoghi consacrati della Biennale.

Per seguire i nostri attacchi quotidiani basta iscriversi all’evento facebook


http://www.pirate-camp.org/important-news-about-our-location/feed/ 1 http://www.pirate-camp.org/important-news-about-our-location/
press release / comunicato stampa http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/piratecamp/~3/ABGiq3o2tMw/ http://www.pirate-camp.org/press-release-comunicato-stampa/#comments Thu, 26 May 2011 23:31:41 +0000 CONIGLIOVIOLA http://www.pirate-camp.org/?p=670 From here you can download latest press release:

http://www.pirate-camp.org/press-release-comunicato-stampa/feed/ 0 http://www.pirate-camp.org/press-release-comunicato-stampa/
Officially inside Biennale http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/piratecamp/~3/3jXhuj9BuVI/ http://www.pirate-camp.org/italian-pavilion/#comments Thu, 26 May 2011 15:16:22 +0000 CONIGLIOVIOLA http://www.pirate-camp.org/?p=666 //versione italiana in fondo

We wish to announce the last-minute inclusion of  CONIGLIOVIOLA’s PIRATE CAMP within the official program of the 54th Venice Biennale regarding national participations.

Such news might sound paradoxal and controversial, considering our role as pirates promoters of the Stateless Pavillon.   However, such inclusion, to all of us who have been working 1 year already to the preparation of this project,  independently produced and funded it all, with unimaginable efforts,  has now become the only chance to avoid seeing our efforts vanished.

Pirate Camp is not about competitiontowards the system (as it was for the Pirate Attack), but wants to share a moment of constructive criticism, out of any labels, hinting the artists alternative ways of interaction.

Last, this inclusion should be read as an important step of achievement and appropriation, that, as our biography of pirates says, we keep on pursuing.


Vi annunciamo che all’ultimo minuto il PIRATE CAMP DI CONIGLIOVIOLA è
entrato a far parte del programma ufficiale della 54ma Biennale di
Venezia nell’ambito delle partecipazioni nazionali
Tale  ufficializzazione potrà sembrare paradossale e controversa
nella nostra veste e di pirati e di promotori dello STATELESS
PAVILION. Tuttavia, per noi che abbiamo lavorato da un anno alla
preparazione di questo progetto e che lo produciamo in maniera
indipendente anche dal punto di vista economico, con enorme fatica, è
diventata l’unica possibilità per non vedere cancellato il nostro
sforzo. Pirate Camp non si pone in maniera agonistica rispetto al
sistema (come fu per l’Attacco Pirata) cerca altresì un momento di
critica costruttiva, fuori dalle etichette, suggerisce agli artisti
delle modalità alternative di dialogo.
In ultimo, tale inserimento è da leggersi come un passaggio importante di conquista e appropriazione che, nella nostra storia di pirati, portiamo avanti.

http://www.pirate-camp.org/italian-pavilion/feed/ 0 http://www.pirate-camp.org/italian-pavilion/
The Artists http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/piratecamp/~3/-KGPTUr18oU/ http://www.pirate-camp.org/the-artists/#comments Sat, 21 May 2011 14:28:56 +0000 CONIGLIOVIOLA http://www.pirate-camp.org/?p=585 the PIRATE CAMP crew is glad to annouce the list of the 16 artists that will take part to 1st edition of



Maddalena Fragnito & Emanuele Barga – Italy

Alexander Storey Gordon – UK

Lukasz Gronowski – Poland

Klara Hobza – Czech R./Germany

Daniel Hoflund – Sweden/Germany

S. Levack & J. Lewandowski – UK

Anna Moreno – Spain

Yasuaki Onishi – Japan/UK

Ioanna Pantazopoulou & Stavro C. Vlachakis – Greece

Emilio Rojas – Mexico/Canada

Kamila Szejnoch - Poland

Kosta Tonev – Bulgaria/Austria

Melis van den Berg – NL/UK

Mary Zygouri – Greece

http://www.pirate-camp.org/the-artists/feed/ 1 http://www.pirate-camp.org/the-artists/
looking for mecenats and supporters http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/piratecamp/~3/GZYNGuAaDus/ http://www.pirate-camp.org/looking-for-supporters/#comments Fri, 20 May 2011 23:05:23 +0000 CONIGLIOVIOLA http://www.pirate-camp.org/?p=579 PIRATE-CAMP is launching a campaign of crowd-funding!
Organizing an event like pirate-camp for an independent group like us in a context like Venice Biennale is almost a titanic enterprise, that’s why we really need the help of anyone believes in this project and of the art-community

Pirate-Camp aims at being a demonstration that it is possible to change rules and strategies within and not against the art system.
Our goal is not destroying but changing.

We are trying to share this important message, the pirates’ treasure, with young artists from all over the world.
They will have the chance to live the experience of the most important art events in the world and to develop their work and their network.

In order to sustain the startup of the project we really need your help: we look for macenats, supporters, sponsors or technical sponsors .
If you think you can help the PIRATE-CAMP crew to realize at best this brand new concept of residence with any kind of support (not only money) feel free to contact us!


1) donation: any amount is welcome!

Your name will be included in the list of our donors on the website and on the catalogue of the project.
Just use the PAYPAL “DONATE!” button on the right side of this page.


You can reserve one of the pirate-tents in advance that compose the installation of PIRATE-CAMP.
contact us to get infos.


Finally we are preparing a special opportunity for you to live yourself the PIRATE-CAMP experience: you will be able soon to reserve one or more night at
PIRATE CAMP @ VENICE BIENNALE with all the pirate crew of our artists!
contact us to get infos.


If you can provide any kind of ecomical or technical help for the PIRATE CAMP you will get a banner on the website and your logo on the catalogue.
contact us

http://www.pirate-camp.org/looking-for-supporters/feed/ 2 http://www.pirate-camp.org/looking-for-supporters/
Jury’s work in progress… please be patient! http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/piratecamp/~3/AHa6PtN7OuY/ http://www.pirate-camp.org/jurys-work-in-progress-please-be-patient/#comments Tue, 17 May 2011 12:53:28 +0000 CaptainRabbit http://www.pirate-camp.org/?p=573 In only ten days our open call for the 1st pirate-camp registered an extraordinary an unexpected success.

More than 300 artists registered on pirate-camp.org and 119 artists, from all continents, have sent valid submissions

The work of jury – composed by almost all italian artists-run spaces – is harder than what we could foresee because quality of submissions is very high

that’s why we pray all applicants to be patient… results of selection will be notified as soon as they are avaible…

(i.e. please do not stress the pirete crew)



http://www.pirate-camp.org/jurys-work-in-progress-please-be-patient/feed/ 0 http://www.pirate-camp.org/jurys-work-in-progress-please-be-patient/
Our jury: artists for artists! http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/piratecamp/~3/xFBPhdUpAKw/ http://www.pirate-camp.org/our-jury-artists-for-artists/#comments Thu, 12 May 2011 05:11:10 +0000 CONIGLIOVIOLA http://www.pirate-camp.org/?p=567 While the first step of pirate-camp project has closed – collecting in less than ten days almost 120 applications for the Venice camp – we can announce the start of the hard selection work that will take us to choose the first 16 pirate-campers.

PIRATE CAMP is a project designed by artists for artists, that’s why we strongly wanted that also the jury was composed by artists only.
The commitee for the 1st PIRATE CAMP in Venice will be formed by a delegation of Italian artist run space’s representatives. Artist-run spaces are independent spaces run by artists, whose aim is to develop alternative approaches to exhibition planning and residency programmes, and who have brought their original contribution to the contemporary art system. Even though artist run spaces are spread worldwide, and considering that the programme starts in Venice, the first committee will be only formed by Italian representatives.

Here’s the list of the members of the commitee. On this website we’ll also try to give a contribution to the hard and precious work they carry on.

http://www.pirate-camp.org/our-jury-artists-for-artists/feed/ 3 http://www.pirate-camp.org/our-jury-artists-for-artists/
web interruptions http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/piratecamp/~3/TEJ_ZG1JWeU/ http://www.pirate-camp.org/website-problems/#comments Fri, 06 May 2011 19:51:57 +0000 CONIGLIOVIOLA http://www.pirate-camp.org/?p=555 some troubles on the website today due to too much traffic, we ll try to solve asap, on the while just leave a post on our helpdesk
http://www.pirate-camp.org/helpdesk/ on the facebook page
http://facebook.com/piratecamp.art so we can contact you back as soon as we solve.

http://www.pirate-camp.org/website-problems/feed/ 1 http://www.pirate-camp.org/website-problems/